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First commute of 2014

Storm is coming, a photo by andrewgillsag on Flickr. Just to prove it’s not all sunshine and hot days here in Brisbane. I cycled to work in oppressive humidity this morning and this is what the street outside my office looked like 20 minutes ago at 4pm in the afternoon. To put it into perspective, […]

The final commute of 2013

The final commute of 2013, a photo by andrewgillsag on Flickr. Well, that’s it. The 2013 working year is almost over for me. After today I am on holidays for two weeks. That’s two weeks of cycling, bike building and time with family. I am sure the time will pass too quickly and that, come […]

Loaded and riding

A home amongst the fig trees, a photo by andrewgillsag on Flickr. I had a great excuse to go for a longer (and fully loaded) ride yesterday when we had our work Christmas party in the city. I didn’t have to be in town until 10:15am, which gave me plenty of time to sleep in […]

Just spinning my legs

Check out that sky!, a photo by andrewgillsag on Flickr. I spin my legs gently. My bike takes me forward at a relaxed pace as I enjoy the sight of the blue sky dotted with clouds. I have a 12 hour adventure race tomorrow, so don’t want to wear myself out. MAMILS* and triathletes zip […]

A commute and hill ride

Ready to commute, a photo by andrewgillsag on Flickr. I started my day with a 5km walk with my partner. Then I cycled the 12.2km to work. This evening, I rode home via West Mount Cotton Road, which is the only real hill ride around my home. 25km and 303m of climbing later I arrived […]

A circuitous ride to work

Exploring on my roadie, a photo by andrewgillsag on Flickr. Gravel crunches under my tyres. Despite being local to my home, I have never before ridden this short gravel road between the vegetable farms. At it’s end I reach the bitumen again on Lagoon Road where my riding along scares some goats grazing in a […]

The long loop to work

Mount Cotton in her glory, a photo by andrewgillsag on Flickr. I’m really getting into cycling right now. Unlike running, I don’t feel anxious when I ride. It’s difficult to explain, but the first couple of kilometres when I run are always quite miserable. My body aches and I can’t stand the thought of continuing. […]

Chilling on my commute

Good morning from my commute, a photo by andrewgillsag on Flickr. My sandal-clad feet turn the pedals as the 29″ mountain bike wheels roll down the road. I don’t look anything like the cyclists who pass me on the road. They are all clad in brightly coloured lycra as I cruise along in grey knee-length […]

Trying out sandals on my commute

Trying out sandals on my commute, a photo by andrewgillsag on Flickr. I have been reading a lot of cycle touring blogs, such as Cycling Dutch Girl, and am currently reading Robert Lilwall’s Cyclng Home from Siberia. Inspired by all these cycle tourers and mindful of my upcoming bikepacking trip to Tasmania, I replaced the […]