Trying out sandals on my commute

I have been reading a lot of cycle touring blogs, such as Cycling Dutch Girl, and am currently reading Robert Lilwall’s Cyclng Home from Siberia. Inspired by all these cycle tourers and mindful of my upcoming bikepacking trip to Tasmania, I replaced the clipless pedals on my bike with an old set of flats that I had lying around the garage.

Then, because it was hot this morning, I grabbed a pair of sandals and rode to work in them instead of enclosed shoes. It felt oddly free; though I probably should have put a matching pair of shoes on. I have two pairs of identical-looking sandals but one is a size 8 and the other an 8.5. I seem to have grabbed one of each this morning.

It was nice to be back on the bike commuting. I haven’t done it in a month or so but this morning I felt like it. Besides, I better get in some training before Tasmania.

I am just hopeful that my training won’t be cut short after I get an ultrasound on my Achilles tendon on Friday morning. The top of my Achilles and the bottom of my soleus muscle have been too painful to touch since two days before I started Cycling for Hope back in July. I’ve been stretching, rolling, triggering and using anti-inflammatory gel but today I resorted to seeing a doctor and getting a referral for the ultrasound. It doesn’t hurt to walk or cycle gently. But it hurts to walk uphill, to cycle uphill while seated (climbing while standing is fine) and to unclip my foot from the pedal (another reason to switch to flats).

Anyway, while I am blissfully ignorant of the results of the ultrasound, I am going to enjoy my ride home tonight after work. I’ll just take it easy and enjoy the warm summer evening and experience of riding in sandals.

Total: 26.5km commute including ride home


2 comments on “Trying out sandals on my commute

  1. You will love Tasmania. Just be careful of the logging trucks. They don’t slow down at all on dirt roads and the suck in when they go past is huge.
    If you have time I highly recommend going to Lake Adelaide.

    • Thanks for the tip on the logging trucks. I got some experience with them when I was motorcycling in Victoria a few years ago – they were pretty wild. So I will make sure that I pull over when I hear them coming.

      I’ll look up Lake Adelaide on the map.

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