As I start this unconventional journey as an itinerant adventurer, I thought I’d start a Frequently Asked Questions page to answer the questions that I have started to hear and also the questions I always ponder when I read about other itinerant adventurers’ lives. If you have a question you would like answered, just post in the comments and I’ll add it.

1. What are your plans?

I will fly to Adelaide (here in Australia) on 8 July 2014 to visit a mate for a week or two. From there, I will cycle my way around the Eyre Peninsula and Kangaroo Island at a rate of 50 – 100km (30 – 65 miles) every few days before turning east to follow the Coorong for a while before I head north through the Grampians to visit friends in the Big Desert country of Outback Victoria. After seeing my friends I will head north-east to the Mighty Murray River, which I will follow to its source in the Snowy Mountains. I’ll spend my mornings peddling dirt roads and my rest days paddling brown waters. From here I’ll head south to Marlo to meet a fellow adventure blogger before riding around the coast to Nora before heading further north to the Blue Mountains to do some bushwalking before I end up in Sydney.

I intend to spend the Austral summer in New Zealand before flying to Holland to visit my grandmother and other relatives in the northern spring of 2015. Mum and I are talking about the possibility of walking the Camino together in Spain from late April 2015.

2. Are you trying to cycle around the world?

No. My bicycle is my transport but not my goal. I am just going to see where the road takes me. I will catch trains, planes and buses if I don’t feel like cycling. I also hope to do some hiking and packrafting while I’m away.

3. Where will you live?

In my tent mostly. I have a Mont Moondance 1 hiking tent. If it wears out, I’ll buy another. I will also stay with friends and family along the way, and maybe check out the Warmshowers website.

4. Are you rich?

That depends on what you consider rich. By western standards I am not rich because I don’t own a house and live in a tent. But to many people living in poverty around the world I am rich beyond compare simply by owning a bicycle and more than one change of clothes.

5. How do you afford to travel?

I have a part-time online job in the eLearning industry.

6. Do you have a family?

Yes. I have an adult son who is married with children. I also had a partner who I still love dearly but who gave me the gift of freedom to explore the world. I don’t talk about our relationship out of respect for her because she is a wonderful woman.

7. Are you raising money for charity?

No. However, if you are inspired by anything you read in my blog to donate to a charity, then please do. I believe in supporting charities because most do wonderful work. My favourite charities are: Room to Read, the Nakuru Hope Project and Oxfam.

8. How long have you been on the road?

I sold my house on 14 April 2014 and moved out the same day. I have been itinerant since that day. Between 14 April and 8 July I camped or couch surfed every night.

9. What kind of bike do you ride?

A 2012 Vivente World Randonneur that I bought new in January 2014.

10. How long do you expect your journey to take?

I don’t know. Maybe 3-5 years. Maybe more. Maybe less. I will travel for as long as it gives me pleasure. I will settle back down when the time is right.

11. Do you ever get lonely?

I don’t know yet. I am still adjusting to this new life. I’ll tell you once I have been on the road a little longer.

2 comments on “FAQ

  1. Andrew, we share much in common: cycling, hero’s journey, gutsy moves. You’re a kindred spirit in many ways, and I’m delighted to stumble across your site.

    An introduction: In 2009 I cycled USA coast-to-coast, an odyssey that shook my world out of its ruts and awakened dreams. (You know what that’s like.) It was an extended field study of the hero’s journey, and I returned afire to awaken others and launch journeys of discovery. At the time I taught at Arizona State University, but felt restless there, and we soon parted ways. As you know firsthand, we must face the Destroyer and allow it to break off that which no longer serves. (Gutsy move, mate. Kudos for having the cajones to venture out.)

    Since then I’ve joined forces with a buddy to create seminars and guide executives in leadership treks (cycling). Our next one is 2015 in New Zealand. I’d say “come along!” if you weren’t already thick into your own voyages.

    Let’s keep in touch. If you’re keen on connecting, check out wayofthehero.com.


    • Hi Layne,
      Thanks for making contact. I was introduced to the Hero’s Journey in 2010 while I was on a 2 month motorcycling journey around the southern Australian states. I do know exactly what you mean about the hero’s journey shaking up your world. That journey was very much the start of this one, despite the years that have intervened since it ended. I took my motorcycle pilgrimage around the same time as you went on your cycling odyssey. That was during my very tumultuous Saturn Returns and was a life changing experience. As well as camping, I stayed with people from all walks of life who each were like angels because each taught me something important about life. I am still close friends with three of them today even though we all live in different parts of Australia. So, yes, I really do understand what you are saying and can recognise that perhaps I will go on more than one Hero’s Journey in my life.

      It sounds like you have found a way to really embrace the lessons you learned on your journey. It’s wonderful that you are able to use them to help others. I did check out your website and it looks interesting. I’m not much into workshops and stuff like that (I think it’s the independent streak in me that likes to work things out for myself even if it means I need to visit Mordor occasionally) but I do find your blog interesting. If we happen to be in NZ at the same time it’d be great to catch up for a coffee because I think we have some similar experiences.

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