Chilling on my commute

My sandal-clad feet turn the pedals as the 29″ mountain bike wheels roll down the road.

I don’t look anything like the cyclists who pass me on the road. They are all clad in brightly coloured lycra as I cruise along in grey knee-length drill cotton shorts and a bright blue t-shirt.

Most don’t even bother to acknowledge me as they race past with their iPods drowning out the sounds of singing birds and rumbling traffic. Perhaps they see me as an amateur to their slick ways. Little do they know that I can lycra it up with the best of them. But that, today, I have chosen to enjoy my commute as a break from the daily grind.

I check my Strava stats when I get to work. I’ve only just started using it and the novelty is yet to wear off. For most segments, I am in the bottom 10 riders. Not the bottom 10% but the bottom 10. That’s okay. I don’t mind. I am finding my riding mojo back and my slow, relaxed attitude is an important part of that.

Total: 31km cycle commute


2 comments on “Chilling on my commute

  1. It is not how fast you go through life, it is how much you enjoy life that counts.

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