The final commute of 2013

Well, that’s it. The 2013 working year is almost over for me. After today I am on holidays for two weeks. That’s two weeks of cycling, bike building and time with family.

I am sure the time will pass too quickly and that, come my return to work, I will not have done half the things I wanted to. But for now, I can just bask in the knowledge that it’s the final working day for 2013 and, after I complete all my chores tomorrow morning, I have a couple of weeks to just chill out and relax.

Does your work close for Christmas? How long do you get off? What are your plans?

Total: 12.4km cycle + ride home tonight


6 comments on “The final commute of 2013

  1. What a great year you’ve had!! 🙂

  2. I get 1 whole day off 😦

    Look forward to reading more of your adventures in 2014

    • Oh really? Just 1 day? That sux the big ones. Sorry for the delayed response. Had a lot of family commitments over Christmas so got behind in checking comments on my blog.

      • No problem. I like living my adventures through your posts 😀 Your country is, so much warmer than England at the moment.

        Just keep doing what your doing, and never stop 🙂

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