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Loaded and riding

I had a great excuse to go for a longer (and fully loaded) ride yesterday when we had our work Christmas party in the city. I didn’t have to be in town until 10:15am, which gave me plenty of time to sleep in before enjoying a cruisey 40km pedal to the party. It also meant I could have a guilt-free brunch of french toasted banana bread with fresh fruit, icing sugar and maple-infused cream. On my ride in, I did a loop of the CBD section of the Brisbane River, which took me past this beautiful Moreton Bay fig tree with it’s amazing aerial root system.

Our Christmas party was an Amazing Race style event put on by the folks at GreatRace.com. We teamed up as pairs, got dressed up in costumes and completed some fun challenges in Fortitude Valley. The challenges ranged from stopping in pubs to complete logic puzzles to photo bombing each other and from eating Tim Tams covered in Vegemite to finding someone with a 70s porn star mustache and taking a photo with them. I was lucky because I’m quite familiar with the valley, having gone to school at All Hallows’ School and having spent many nights in the local gay bars when I was much younger (and still a lesbian). If you are in Brisbane or Sydney and want to organise a fun event for groups of ten or more people, I cannot recommend the crew at GreatRace.com.au highly enough.

After the party I battled the peak hour traffic back home to Mt Cotton. It brought back memories of my time working in the city when I used to cycle commute on Old Cleveland Road every couple of days. But back then I had to carry a backpack, while I now have a seat post bag to carry my gear (though it was definitely crammed full yesterday with Santa costume, change of clothes, joggers and Secret Santa Christmas present. I ended up taking my shorts and out of the bag to carry them in my second water bottle cage.

I have a squeak somewhere in the back of my bike that I can’t quite locate. It only squeaks when I pedal, so it’s not the hubs or mudguards. I think it might be the jockey wheels on my rear derailleur or the pedals. I am planning to pull the drive train off the bike and clean / replace parts in January after I get my MTB and single speed built.

Total: 81.9km cycle


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