First commute of 2014

Storm is coming by andrewgillsag
Storm is coming, a photo by andrewgillsag on Flickr.

Just to prove it’s not all sunshine and hot days here in Brisbane. I cycled to work in oppressive humidity this morning and this is what the street outside my office looked like 20 minutes ago at 4pm in the afternoon. To put it into perspective, sunset doesn’t occur until 6:47pm tonight.

I am supposed to cycle home tonight. I will be watching the storm radar intently to see whether it passes or whether I phone home to get my partner to come pick me up. The rain is one thing but the threat of hail, strong winds and drivers who can’t see is another (I forgot to bring my high visibility vest).

EDITED TO ADD: I ended up getting a lift home with my dad. The lightning was pretty epic and Dad was passing my work. I’d rather live to ride another day.

8 comments on “First commute of 2014

  1. When the skies look like that here , it usually means a tornado. Do you guys have those there?

  2. How was the commute home? My commute yesterday was a event and a half. One flat on way in, second on way home. Ended up having to put in a call to get a lift home. I only carry a single spare tube. At least the ride halfway (second flat) home was cool after that storm.

  3. That looks a lot like the type of weather we get here in Texas, but there’s usually a tornado involved! I do love a good storm–but not on my bike!

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