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The long loop to work

I’m really getting into cycling right now. Unlike running, I don’t feel anxious when I ride. It’s difficult to explain, but the first couple of kilometres when I run are always quite miserable. My body aches and I can’t stand the thought of continuing. I feel slow and uncoordinated when I run; never feeling like I am flowing or content. It’s a struggle I’ve had for a long time with running.

But on the bike, I feel at home. It always used to be this way. Then I lost confidence a few years ago when I had some scary near misses. Over the past two years I’ve been regaining that confidence on the road. And with Cycling for Hope, I gained confidence in myself as a cyclist.

This morning I rode a big loop on my way to work. I covered 41km of semi-rural roads, finding plenty of hills along the way (well, relative to the flat area I live in here between Southern Moreton Bay and the Logan River flats).

After work I decided to have a solid hit-out. There are four Strava segments I ride through on my commute. I’ve been near the bottom of three of them but decided to change that by doing a couple of sprints. It worked and I moved my way up the standings. Sure, I’m not in the top 10 or anything, but I am now in the to third where I belong. It was actually fun to get up out of the saddle and work hard; I usually just cruise along at a gentle roll.

Total: 41km ride to work (Strava here) + 13km commute home (Strava here).

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