The Alpaca’s maiden voyage

 photo IMG_20140516_062407_zpsfkphjpdo.jpg

I draw quite a bit of attention as I stand under the street light inflating my new Alpacka Alpaca packraft. A middle-aged man with spreading girth and shaved head comes to observe. He is annoying and I try my best to politely get rid of him. But still he comments about how I’ll be there all day inflating the boat using Alpacka’s bag system and how I should buy myself some product that he swears by. It makes me determined to prove him wrong and, in no time, the boat is inflated and I am walking towards the water’s edge. My conclusion: the Alpacka bag inflation system is simple, effective and super lightweight.

 photo IMG_20140516_063202_zpszsfkqblv.jpg

I am absolutely delighted as I hear my packraft make that distinctive “plop” that is a boat hitting the water. An awesome world of adventure has just opened up and I am excited about the possibilities this brings. I paddle out into Moreton Bay, learning how the boat moves. It takes a few paddle strokes to adjust to the differences between a raft and a kayak but before long I am gliding across the water enjoying the tranquility. It’s almost surreal to be sitting out here watching the sun come up over Coochiemudlo Island.

 photo IMG_20140516_064241_zpsk2p8zs7l.jpg

I drift between the fishing boats and yachts moored in the sheltered waters of this little bay. The yachts bob silently on the dead tide. There’s not even any wind so the usual “tip tip tap” of the mast stays is absent. A small school of fish leap from the water, their silver scales shimmering in the sunlight. It’s a heavenly start to my day.

2 comments on “The Alpaca’s maiden voyage

  1. An amazing couple of pics Andrew. Enjoy your new “voyage”

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