Proposed route in Australia

Proposed route in Australia

Proposed route in Australia

The first stage of my world cycling adventure (note it’s not an “around the world cycling adventure”) will take me from Adelaide to Sydney. I live in Brisbane but have a good friend in Adelaide who I want to see before I leave so I decided to fly there to start my adventure. I also have a good friend in Nowra, south of Sydney, and I want to see her before I leave. So it makes sense to cycle from one friend’s place to the other’s. Here’s my rough route:

  1. From Adelaide cycle around to the Eyre Peninsula to see the Gawler Ranges NP and eat my way around the Seafood Trail.
  2. Take a ferry across to the Yorke Peninsula and cycle down to catch another ferry to Kangaroo Island
  3. Cycle the Coorong (and maybe re-read the classic Australian novel Storm Boy while I’m down there)
  4. Cycle up to the Grampians to do some bushwalking
  5. Visit friends in the tiny Outback towns of Yanac and Rainbow
  6. Follow the Mighty Murray River from Swan Hill to the source, which will see me pedaling dusty roads and paddling brown waters
  7. Explore the Snowy Mountains on bike and foot
  8. Stop for a few days in the Blue Mountains for more bushwalking exploration
  9. Visit my friend in Nowra then catch a train to Sydney airport to fly to New Zealand.

I expect this to take me about 5-6 months of slow travel.

9 comments on “Proposed route in Australia

  1. Sounds really fun – and looooonnnngggg. Be safe brother.

    • Thanks 🙂 . I am really looking forward to the lifestyle change. Australia is a huge country and this will only take me through a small portion of it. But I will see areas that I’ve not yet traveled. I’ll just be chipping away at 50-100km every few days with plenty of rest days (I still need to work 4 days a week)

  2. Good luck with this and keep posting!

  3. Wow, that makes mine seem like a walk in the park. Love the itinerary with the different themes along the way.

    • Oh no Steve. You are definitely not on a walk in the park in the figurative sense (though it is literally a walk through many parks). I am loving your adventure. It’s inspirational to me. I am definitely a theme kinda guy. I like journeys that are stories of their own. Really getting excited to be heading off. Am in the final stages of seeing everyone I want to catch up with before the grand depart 🙂

  4. Good luck. From travelling round Oz in a camper van I remember the distances between towns were sometimes huge. And that they didn’t have power or drinking water at the bottom of the Yorke Peninsula!

    • Oh yeah. Distances here are huge compared to many places in the world – particularly the UK and Europe. And it’s quite common to find a lack of drinking water. When I hiked the Great North Walk last year, I drank almost exclusively from creeks due to the lack of tap water. I have a collapsible 25L water container that I expect I will need to use at times. As for power – I am buying a 50W solar kit with 220V inverter so that I can charge my laptop to write blog posts / work.

      When did you travel round Oz in a camper? That would have been an awesome experience.

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