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Good friends and good food

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It’s not often that I chose to stay in a city when there’s countryside available. But this weekend I packed a bag and checked myself into the YHA Brisbane City. Yes, that’s right, I stayed at a backpackers in my home town; a rather random thing to do. It just made sense and turned out to be the best idea because my weekend turned out just brilliantly.

Stanthorpe apples at West End Markets photo IMG_20140517_092732_zps11d709f4.jpg

After a night at the footy (Rugby League) with my Dad, sister, niece and nephew (our team won) I woke on Saturday morning to bright blue skies and a feeling of freshness about me. With no commitments until 1pm, I casually made my way to the West End Markets to find something for breakfast. I love a good market: the food, the buskers and the produce. I ended up with a mandarin, an apple, a banana, a spring roll, a ciabatta pocket and a bottle of home-made lemonade. Good fresh food with a touch of naughtiness in the spring roll.

 photo IMG_20140517_094225_zpsf9da98bf.jpg

The mandarin, apple and spring roll were devoured as I meandered my way through the crowd but then I heard this busker’s song and decided to take a break. With soft grass as my blanket I sat back and found myself tapping my feet as I munched on my bread. Others had come armed with picnic blankets and camping chairs to enjoy the morning. A coffee van did a roaring trade nearby. The busker continued to sing his tunes and play his instruments. This is what I traded in my old life for: moments of pure joy like this.

Enjoying good company photo VisitingKrissyandGina_zps87e5072e.jpg

One of my pre-departure priorities is to catch up with friends. I am blessed to have some of the most amazing friends a man could want. I don’t have many and we don’t see each other often. But that doesn’t diminish the care and affection I have for my friends. K & G run a support oragnisation for transgender men and women. They were there when I started my transition and have always been a source or inspiration and support. Over the years, we have become friends and I absolutely adore them both. We shared an afternoon of laughter and stories.

Sweets photo IMG_20140518_105028_zpsfe75971d.jpg

On Sunday I set off to visit another of my close friends. M and I met when she was my boss about a decade ago. We share a love of good food and poor M knows more about me than anyone ought. She is an amazing cook and treated me to the most divine lamb salad with feta, olives and figs fried with garlic. I was glad I didn’t skimp on the dessert because anything less than the Samford Patissier’s wares would have done the salad a gross injustice. Before we knew it, it was 8pm and we’d been talking for about 9 hours. I know I will miss M and my lunches.

Happiness in two pans photo IMG_20140519_062227_zpsadd870c7.jpg

After another comfortable night at the YHA, I woke this morning to my third last day in the office. So I treated myself to a delicious breakfast of eggs with chilies, baby spinach and mushrooms served with a side of sun dried tomato and basil focaccia that I toasted in a fry pan. I felt totally relaxed as I ate outdoors overlooking the Brisbane River. This is what I love most: good food, good company and good scenery.

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