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Day 3 – Packrafting south of Amity Point

The blue sky reflects brilliantly off the clear bay water that flows over pristine white sands. I can’t help but wonder whether I have drifted into a holiday commercial or whether I am really here paddling my packraft in this place. A small pod of bottle-nosed dolphins plays nearby. One is quite white compared with […]

The Alpaca’s maiden voyage

I draw quite a bit of attention as I stand under the street light inflating my new Alpacka Alpaca packraft. A middle-aged man with spreading girth and shaved head comes to observe. He is annoying and I try my best to politely get rid of him. But still he comments about how I’ll be there […]

A day at River Life

I woke early in my tent to get the 7am barge back to the mainland. I slept better than I have all month, having decided to stop trying to control the changes in my life. My small tent is a place of peace for me and that it was all night. And so it was that I found myself enjoying the morning […]

Noosa Everglades canoe trip

Noosa Everglades canoe trip

A few months ago, I was totally stumped as to what to get my parents for their birthday. They are the kind of people who have everything. But then I came up with a brainwave – I’d take them out on a micro adventure. I know they love the outdoors and, while they have done […]