Towards tomorrow


I lay on the picnic table looking up at the gum trees. Kookooburras laugh and the wind rushes through the leaves. I feel a sense of calm fill my soul. A knowledge that I am on the right path. A certainty that I have made the right decisions.

This is where I belong. Out in nature. I put my phone away and let myself just be. I remember all the hours I’ve spent hiking and camping in the wild. I feel at peace. I am ready to celebrate tomorrow.

I’m only out on the picnic table for a short quarter hour. I’m there because I’m early for my counseling appointment. It’s enough to cause my energy to shift. It shifts so much my counselor even comments on it. I am ready for this next chapter. I have done a lot of grieving the past few months. And now I have to make my future wonderful by following my dreams.

I can’t believe that I am now one of the world’s nomads. I’ve even gone and ordered myself some bright yellow Ortlieb panniers for my bike so I can prepare to set off into the wide blue yonder. Excitement abounds.

2 comments on “Towards tomorrow

  1. Again, you have such an amazing attitude in looking forward to all the changes ahead. You’re going to make a great nomad!

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