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The colours of my world

I look up from cooking my breakfast to enjoy the sun glinting through the campground. And there it is, the most amazing display of colour as the sun lights up the roots that drape down from a Moreton Bay fig. They turn blood red against the tree’s grey trunk. It’s absolutely stunning. I’ve never seen […]

Towards tomorrow

I lay on the picnic table looking up at the gum trees. Kookooburras laugh and the wind rushes through the leaves. I feel a sense of calm fill my soul. A knowledge that I am on the right path. A certainty that I have made the right decisions. This is where I belong. Out in […]

Kenya Day 9 – Full day safari

The Mara seems never ending. I think we could drive for days and never see it all. While yesterday we got a two-hour glimpse of what is here, today we spent nine hours in the back of the safari van exploring and still we only saw a fraction of its vast expanse. Dad had organised […]

I saw a koala while out riding

I saw a koala while out riding

A koala in a gum tree, a photo by andrewgillsag on Flickr. I was out meandering along the Moreton Bay Cycleway through Cleveland this morning when I saw two walkers staring up into the trees. This could only mean one thing: it’s the official “I think there’s a koala” pose. More often than not, this […]