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Last day in the office

Today is the day: my final day in the office. It’s only 11am but I have already packed my remaining personal possessions into a little pile to take home and have organised for my alter-ego to be ensconced happily at my desk (though I have moved his so I can write this post and do […]

Frequently asked questions

As I start this unconventional journey as an itinerant adventurer, I thought I’d start a Frequently Asked Questions page to answer the questions that I have started to hear and also the questions I always ponder when I read about other itinerant adventurers’ lives. If you have a question you would like answered, just post […]

Towards tomorrow

I lay on the picnic table looking up at the gum trees. Kookooburras laugh and the wind rushes through the leaves. I feel a sense of calm fill my soul. A knowledge that I am on the right path. A certainty that I have made the right decisions. This is where I belong. Out in […]

I have a gym

I have a gym. Well, not in the ownership sense. But you know how people say “at my gym … “; well, now I can too. It’s been a long time since I went to a gym. It’s happened sporadically in my life when I’ve felt the need to get on top of my fitness […]