Days 10-11 – On friendship

One of the challenges of setting off on my new life of adventure will be leaving my friends. I don’t have a big tribe of friends who I catch up with frequently. Rather, I have a few close friends who I like to spend one-on-one time with when the opportunity arises – however infrequent that […]

Last day in the office

Today is the day: my final day in the office. It’s only 11am but I have already packed my remaining personal possessions into a little pile to take home and have organised for my alter-ego to be ensconced happily at my desk (though I have moved his so I can write this post and do […]

A cute mascot for my trip

I have a little mascot for my trip. Something to take pictures of in scenic or crazy settings. Something with a link to people who support me. Something to help me focus when the going gets tough. Something to remind me to Squeeze, Stretch, Trigger and Move my muscles every day; particularly when they are sore or […]

Good friends and good food

It’s not often that I chose to stay in a city when there’s countryside available. But this weekend I packed a bag and checked myself into the YHA Brisbane City. Yes, that’s right, I stayed at a backpackers in my home town; a rather random thing to do. It just made sense and turned out […]


I am sitting in my office on a Saturday morning catching up on work I’ve missed the past few weeks. I am content with life. I’m listening an American country music radio station on my computer and about to start working through my list of things to do. My office is littered with bits and […]

Frequently asked questions

As I start this unconventional journey as an itinerant adventurer, I thought I’d start a Frequently Asked Questions page to answer the questions that I have started to hear and also the questions I always ponder when I read about other itinerant adventurers’ lives. If you have a question you would like answered, just post […]

Towards tomorrow

I lay on the picnic table looking up at the gum trees. Kookooburras laugh and the wind rushes through the leaves. I feel a sense of calm fill my soul. A knowledge that I am on the right path. A certainty that I have made the right decisions. This is where I belong. Out in […]

My last day in a house … for the foreseeable future

Last night was my last in a house I used to call home. The contract for the sale of our house just went unconditional so that means that it’s time for me to move out and start this new life I have chosen. It’s been an emotional journey this past two weeks since we accepted the new owner’s offer. […]

Getting back into life at home

I’ve been back from Kenya for a few days now. It’s been so hectic that I’ve barely had a chance to do any exercise, let alone feel any jet lag. Here’s how my return to Kenya has looked (note, I’m not complaining – I just can’t believe how much I’ve achieved this week so soon […]

What if money were no object?

This speech by Alan Watts touched me to the core when I first watched it 2-3 years ago. I don’t usually share YouTube clips here but today I just have to. And then watch this video. In it, 50 people are asked what they would do if money were no object. You don’t have to […]