My new Alpacka packraft has arrived

Packraft and paddle

Packraft and paddle

I am so excited! My Alpacka packraft arrived in the mail today. I only ordered it on 7 May and it had to come all the  way from the US to Brisbane, Australia. Now that’s service! I haven’t had a chance to get the raft out on the water yet but I am really keen to do so. I bought the packraft because I love paddling and wanted to have a boat I can take on my bicycle adventure.

I bought the Alpaca model on the recommendation of Alpacka who considered what I want to use the boat for with my height and inseam length.  It’s lightweight and I looks like it will fit nicely onto the back of my bicycle rack. My trip is really starting to come together now. I have all the gear I think I’m going to need so all that’s left to do is practice packing it all so that it fits comfortably on the bike.

8 comments on “My new Alpacka packraft has arrived

  1. Let me know how it goes. I have been eyeing one off for a while. What trip do you plan taking a raft on?

    • Essentially I have sold my house and am in the process of preparing to hit the road indefinitely. I love cycling, paddling and hiking so want the freedom to engage in all my passions in my new life as a nomad. I am starting in Adelaide here in Australia. There’s plenty of waterways there to paddle on days when I am not cycling (I intend to cycle 50-100km in a day then stay 2-7 days in the places I stop). Part of my plan here in Australia is to cycle along the Murray River from Adelaide along the Victoria / NSW border so there should be heaps of paddling there. I leave for Adelaide on 8 July. Am hoping to get in a couple of packrafting and motorcycling trips before I leave.

  2. I like this idea! Definitely adds a new element (pun intended, of course) to bike touring. I’m going to have to look at the Alpaca website. We have an inflatable canoe – y thing, but it’s fairly unwieldy and I have to bring a bike trailer if I want to haul it. It would be cool to have one that’s reach – friendly!

  3. Wow. *Alpacka; rack-friendly. I should really stop posting comments from my phone ._.

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