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Esk at Night 300km Audax ride

It’s 2pm and we eight 300km riders and four 100km riders set off on the Brisbane Valley Highway on our respective adventures. One 100km rider has forgotten his shoes, so he’s riding in thongs (I think Americans call them flip flops) with socks. It looks hilarious to see him on his Surly Long Haul Trucker […]

Wet & Woolly 200km Audax ride

It’s still dark at 4am when I get on my bike. It’s 38km to the start of the Wet & Woolly Audax ride. I don’t have a car and the trains aren’t running yet. But I don’t mind. I’m content on my bike. My pedals are spinning and the world is quiet. It’s perfect. As […]

11 of Eleven 100km Audax ride

I was back on my bike less than 24 hours after completing the Gympie-Brisbane microadventure. This time, I was off to the 11 of Eleven 100km Audax ride. Twelve months ago, this was my first ever Audax ride so I was excited to ride it again this year. After a 28km ride from home to […]

Gympie to Redlands 300km microadventure

“Why would you want to do that?” “Because it’s there.” And so the Brisbane to Redlands 300km Microadventure was born. Steve and I would leave his place at 7am and cycle 45km into the city to catch the 9:33am train to Gympie. The train was due to arrive in Gympie at 12:40pm so we planned […]

Secret Santa Audax ride

Last Audax season, I didn’t do any 50km rides. But this season I’m getting more serious about my riding, and that means enjoying the short rides as a chance to get out and enjoy riding with a great bunch of people. My partner dropped me near the start of the Secret Santa ride, so I […]

UrBAYn Assault 200km Audax ride

UrBAYn Assault 200km Audax ride

I always intended to ride the UrBAYn Assault slowly but surely. I was going to use most of the 13:30 time limit and enjoy some cool evening riding. What I intended and what eventuated were two very different things. The UrBAYn Assault offered 100km, 150km and 200km options. Ten riders set off on the 100km […]

City Super Cycle 1 200km Audax ride

City Super Cycle 1 200km Audax ride

Today I rode the City Super Cycle 1 200km Audax Australia ride. It was hot and windy out there. I struggled to eat due to the heat (it’s rare for me to struggle to eat) and I couldn’t get enough water into me. I’m experiencing some minor heat stroke and lack of energy due to […]

Waters Edge Wander 50km Audax

Waters Edge Wander 50km Audax

The new Audax season started on 1 November and, after months away from randoneering, I rode the 30km to Pandanus Beach in Wynnum to participate in the Waters Edge Wander. This annual ride is a short 50km twilight ride around Southern Moreton Bay. While Audax rides are usually 200km or longer, Audax Queensland always has […]