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Kenya Day 15 – Final day in Nakuru

It’s my final day here in Nakuru and I will leave with mixed emotions. I came with no expectations and little knowledge about Kenya. I experienced a massive sense of culture shock when I first arrived but leave with an understanding of why some say Kenya is so dangerous for travellers. Don’t let that conjure […]

Kenya Day 14 – Menengai Crater hike

“Andrew!” I look up as I hear my name. A tall solid Kenyan wearing dark trousers, pink jumper, beanie and green Masai blanket waves with a huge smile. This must be Paul, the tour guide Rosemary had organised for me. We shake hands and introduce ourselves before I follow Paul off up the road to […]

Kenya Day 13 – A day at the farm

A cool breeze blows through the hairs on my arms and legs. Starlings twitter in the trees above me as they wait for the tractor to plough up more insects. The sound of voices drifts on the air and I hear Dad and Julius laughing at me.  Apparently Kenyans don’t expect a mzungu to sleep […]

Day 11 – Nakuru Hope Project, Kaptembwa Slums

We’re back in Nakuru after our weekend trip to the Masai Mara. This means we’re back to work as volunteers at Gabriel’s School, which is part of the Nakuru Hope Project. It’s hard work and we’ve been busy at the project from about 9am – 5pm every day. But seeing what the project is achieving […]

Kenya Day 7 – Fun on the pikky pikky (motorbike taxi)

What a fun morning! I spent a good couple of hours on the back of a pikky pikky (motorbike) traveling around Nakuru, the slums and surrounding farmland. There was a purpose to the riding. Some readers might remember that last year my family raised money to buy some farm land so that the Nakuru Hope […]

Kenya Day 6 – More from Gabriel’s School, Kaptembwa slums

It’s almost impossible to describe the Kaptembwa slums. The unpaved streets are rutted and worn. Dust clouds follow each vehicle that rattles along them. In some places, vehicles can only really pass through a narrow strip of the road due to the holes and wash outs. Most of the homes lack electricity and running water […]

Kenya Day 5 – Bustling Nakuru

The city’s streets bustle. What seemed like utter chaos just two days ago is already familiar. I can’t understand a word anyone is saying but the city’s patterns are clearly visible. There’s now order to the chaos and the order is commerce. The transport industry is buzzing. People cram into the hundreds of matatas bouncing […]

Kenya Day 4 – First day at Gabriel’s School, Kaptembwo slums

Children’s laughter rings through the school grounds. You wouldn’t believe that we’re in the middle of the Kaptembwo slums where many people live on little more than hope. I look out of Christopher’s office window. The children across the road at the Kaptembwo Baptist Nursery are running around, kicking a small ball and playing with […]

Kenya Day 3 (Part 2) – Church in the slums and Nakuru markets

Christopher rings the doorbell promptly at 11:50am to take us to his church. He is dressed in a steel grey suit and polished black leather shoes, leaving me feeling rather under dressed in my khaki trousers and dark blue collared shirt. At least I had a shave today, so that’s got to be worth something. […]

Kenya Day 3 (Part 1) – Rosemary’s guest house

Again I find myself wide awake at 4am and unable to return to sleep. I’ve slept like a log without dreams and finally feel refreshed for the first time since we left home on Friday. I lay under the bright blue mosquito net on the comfortable bed reading Janapar. I have mixed feelings about the […]