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A day at River Life

I woke early in my tent to get the 7am barge back to the mainland. I slept better than I have all month, having decided to stop trying to control the changes in my life. My small tent is a place of peace for me and that it was all night. And so it was that I found myself enjoying the morning […]

Kayaking the Brisbane River (Twin Bridges to Burton’s Bridge)

Kayaking the Brisbane River (Twin Bridges to Burton’s Bridge)

Rivers have always been an influential feature in my life. I grew up near the Logan River flats, worked with a view of the Brisbane River and used to paddle on the Pine River in my twenties. But for many years, my relationship with the local river systems has been limited to walking along their […]

Flexibility is key

Sometimes Mother Nature likes to remind us that she’s the boss. And when she does, the outdoor athlete has two choices: complain adapt. The weather has suddenly become hot and dry here in South-East Queensland. We’ve already had temperatures in excess of 30’C (86’F) and it’s only September. We’ve also had hot dry winds and […]