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Day 4 – Settling into island life

I enjoyed a quiet island morning fishing off the Amity Point jetty (no, I didn’t catch anything). I’m not a fisherman by any stretch of the imagination, having never had much patience for the waiting game. Perhaps it is my new lifestyle but I found it quite pleasant jigging for squid this morning. Sure, I […]

The Tree Top Walk

The bridge sways under my feet as my nephews and niece walk along it. I’ve come up to O’Reilly for breakfast with my sister and her husband. But before we eat, we take a short wander down the Tree Top Walk. I’ve never been a fan of suspension bridges or heights but am not going […]

Tooloona Creek Circuit hike

After the week I’ve had, it was wonderful to drive up the mountains with Mum to enjoy some fresh rainforest air. Our destination was the 17.5km (10.8 mile) Tooloona Creek Circuit at Lamington National Park (Green Mountains Section). After the obligatory photo at the national park entry sign we were off on the trail. The […]

Reflecting on my last trip to Moreton Island (September 2011)

As I plan my Moreton Island microadventure, I find myself reflecting on my last visit to the island. It was the weekend after my 32nd birthday and I’d been back in my “get back to fitness” lifestyle for about three months. It was at my birthday dinner that I mentioned it would be pretty cool […]

Preparing for my next walking microadventure

New maps, a photo by AndrewGills on Flickr. My son turns 23 in February. He’s more gamer than adventurer but in September 2011, I took him hiking over at Moreton Island. It was his first overnight hike and he still talks about it all the time. He went back to Moreton with a mate last […]

Lower Portals bushwalk & swim

Mt Barney looms over the surrounding farmland like an ancient guardian. The multiple peaks and rocky outcrops warn of the dangers associated with climbing the mountain’s peaks. I’ve rarely explored the national park here because I’m not much of a climber and there’s something foreboding about the prospect of climbing her. I can’t explain it […]

Motorcycling with Dad

Dad on his wheels, a photo by andrewgillsag on Flickr. The sugar cane bristled in the dry wind, which fanned the flames of the massive bush fire on nearby Stradbroke Island. The plume of smoke coming from it looked rather like a bomb had exploded there and, by the time we reached the waterfront, we […]

Sandgate-Redcliffe ride with Mum

After the success of our Gold Coast bike ride last week, Mum and I decided to drive up to Sandgate to ride along the northern Moreton Bay waterfront. After-all, the beach is the place to be in summer. We started down at Sandgate just near the Sandgate jetty. The sun was shining and the tide […]

Christmas parties and riding

Partying with Margaret the scary doll, a photo by andrewgillsag on Flickr. I was supposed fly to Tasmania today. I am meant to be at a friend’s place tonight catching up and preparing to ride the Tasmanian Trail. I was going to spend the next three weeks sleeping in a tent. But, with my MTB […]

Christmas Eve ride with Mum

My Mum, a photo by andrewgillsag on Flickr. What better way to start our Christmas celebrations than to go riding with Mum. We cruised out to Victoria Point then along the waterfront to Point O’Halloran before following quiet suburban backstreets down to a bike path through the trees in Cleveland. We had a chance to […]