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Preparing for my next walking microadventure

New maps, a photo by AndrewGills on Flickr. My son turns 23 in February. He’s more gamer than adventurer but in September 2011, I took him hiking over at Moreton Island. It was his first overnight hike and he still talks about it all the time. He went back to Moreton with a mate last […]

Upper Portals, Mt Barney

After the success of last weekend’s Lower Portals walk, I decided to invite Mum to come with me on another swimming hole walk: the Upper Portals. As you might have guessed from the similarities in the names, the Upper Portals walk is in a similar area as the Lower Portals walk. In fact, the Upper […]

Lower Portals bushwalk & swim

Mt Barney looms over the surrounding farmland like an ancient guardian. The multiple peaks and rocky outcrops warn of the dangers associated with climbing the mountain’s peaks. I’ve rarely explored the national park here because I’m not much of a climber and there’s something foreboding about the prospect of climbing her. I can’t explain it […]

With disappointment comes opportunity

On the Great North Walk, a photo by andrewgillsag on Flickr. It is unlikely that the damage to my mountain bike frame will be accepted as a warranty replacement. And it’s also unlikely that the matter will be resolved before I board a plane for Tasmania on Christmas Day. But with disappointment comes opportunity. So […]

A fortunate life

Chilling, a photo by andrewgillsag on Flickr. It’s easy to get caught up in the “busy” life of the twenty-first century. First world problems bother us all. We complain about our jobs. We complain about the mortgage repayments and bills. We stress about credit card debt. And we argue about stupid stuff that really doesn’t […]

An off-track exploration

Fern tree, a photo by andrewgillsag on Flickr. My sister wanted to go running but my knee is still playing up since I hit it with a shovel (by accident) and there’s no way I can even contemplate running on it. So instead, I suggested we go for an off-track exploration and course-setting walk. She […]

A bushbash, a ride and a stack

Fern valley, a photo by andrewgillsag on Flickr. It was late in the afternoon by the time I set off to walk to Mum and Dad’s place to collect the Purple Monster. It’s been there since they borrowed it to take camping with my uncle. He came off the bike and cut up his face […]

Hello from IO trail

Hello from IO trail, a photo by andrewgillsag on Flickr. I think my body is still recovering from Cycling for Hope and The Great North Walk. It’s been almost two months since I completed my 7 weeks of extended physical activity and I am finding that my left leg just doesn’t want to recover from […]

Flexibility is key

Sometimes Mother Nature likes to remind us that she’s the boss. And when she does, the outdoor athlete has two choices: complain adapt. The weather has suddenly become hot and dry here in South-East Queensland. We’ve already had temperatures in excess of 30’C (86’F) and it’s only September. We’ve also had hot dry winds and […]