Closing of a chapter and start of an adventure

The old house settled today. The new owners have the keys, the bank has been paid what we owed them and the balance has been deposited into our respective separate bank accounts. It’s a big day because it signals the final closing of a big chapter of my life and another step on the start […]

Carnarvon Gorge trip – the final post (23 April 2014)

For our final day at Carnarvon Gorge we retraced our steps back to the national park visitor centre along the Main Gorge Track. I followed my parents walking ahead of me back across the creek crossings and through the cycads. From the Art Gallery we started to see more walkers: older couples who mostly looked […]

Carnarvon Gorge – Battleship Spur walk (22 April)

I wake during the night to the sound of gurgling water from the creek. I’ve been deep in sleep but nature is calling so I crawl out of the tent. I fumble my way down the path a suitable distance from camp when my head torch lights up something massive and white in front of […]

Carnarvon Gorge – Main Gorge Track to Big Bend bush camp

After another gloriously restful sleep in my tent, I was refreshed and ready to lug my heavy pack up the Main Gorge Track to Big Bend bush camp. The trail is only 10km but there are plenty of extra side tracks to extend the walk, which is exactly what we did. As we set off […]

Carnarvon Gorge trip Part 1 – the long drive (17-18 April)

Mum and Dad arrive at 3pm to pick me up from work. I’m ready to go and excited about the days ahead. It’s a long drive to Carnarvon National Park. We estimate 500km (300 miles) but in reality, it ends up being almost 800km (500 miles). It’s a big difference but for now, we’re just […]

50th Anniversary of the Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies

It’s a cool Canberra evening. The famous tee-pee shape of Parliament House dominates the skyline to the south-west and the Australian War Memorial’s red parade ground expands out to the north-east. Here, in Reconciliation Place, we gather on the grass and sand to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Australian Institute for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies. As a delegate […]

The world is so huge

With seven months before I leave Australia on my adventure, there is plenty of time for me to change my mind about what exactly that adventure will be. It started with cycling from Patagonia towards Alaska. But then I went to Africa and fell in love with that continent and the idea of overlanding there […]

I have a gym

I have a gym. Well, not in the ownership sense. But you know how people say “at my gym … “; well, now I can too. It’s been a long time since I went to a gym. It’s happened sporadically in my life when I’ve felt the need to get on top of my fitness […]

Pre-departure list for Cape Town to Norway

As the house and garden come closer to readiness for entering the competitive property market, the reality of my decision to set off and join the world’s nomads is sinking in. I’ve read Lonely Planet’s guides to all the countries of southern Africa from cover-to-cover and have taken notes of the places I believe I […]

More Africa trip pondering

I’ve spent the day alternating between working in the garden for a couple of hours and watching an episode of Long Way Down. I’ve seen the series a few times already and read the book. It inspired me enough to work hard to get the garden cleaned up to sell the house so I am free […]