I have a gym

I have a gym. Well, not in the ownership sense. But you know how people say “at my gym … “; well, now I can too. It’s been a long time since I went to a gym. It’s happened sporadically in my life when I’ve felt the need to get on top of my fitness […]

Pre-departure list for Cape Town to Norway

As the house and garden come closer to readiness for entering the competitive property market, the reality of my decision to set off and join the world’s nomads is sinking in. I’ve read Lonely Planet’s guides to all the countries of southern Africa from cover-to-cover and have taken notes of the places I believe I […]

More Africa trip pondering

I’ve spent the day alternating between working in the garden for a couple of hours and watching an episode of┬áLong Way Down. I’ve seen the series a few times already and read the book. It inspired me enough to work hard to get the garden cleaned up to sell the house so I am free […]

The importance of research

I got creative in my research today. After comparing cheap Chinese bikes in Kenya, I checked out some information about motorbikes being sold in South Africa. While I hadn’t originally planned to visit that country, my research found that the motorcycle market in South Africa is more favourable than it is in Kenya. For example, […]

Scheming and planning

Scheming and planning for my motorbike adventure through southern Africa is well underway. After Rosemary (of Rosemary’s Guesthouse fame) made some enquiries for me about the price of the Yamaha DT175 and Yamaha AG200 (both almost twice as expensive in Kenya as in Australia), I have decided to go with a cheap Chinese bike instead. […]

A small hint

Here’s a small hint about the direction my plans for November are taking. A change of continent and mode of transport since my initial thoughts but one the excites me much more.

Motorcycling with Dad

Dad on his wheels, a photo by andrewgillsag on Flickr. The sugar cane bristled in the dry wind, which fanned the flames of the massive bush fire on nearby Stradbroke Island. The plume of smoke coming from it looked rather like a bomb had exploded there and, by the time we reached the waterfront, we […]