Preparing for my first cycle tour

Starting to load up, a photo by AndrewGills on Flickr. I have a confession: I’ve never actually been cycle touring with panniers. Yes, I’ve done one bikepacking trip in 2013 and I did a fully supported 1,600km (1,000 mile) tour in 2002. But I’ve never loaded panniers with camping equipment for an overnight trip. That […]

Ride and picnic at Toohey Forest

My best friend has just come back from Africa and I was excited to catch up with her. But I also wanted to go riding on my new wheels. So what better than to meet up for a picnic. I left home at about 11:30am to ride the 35km to our picnic destination. It was […]

Australia Day ride

What better way to celebrate Australia Day than with an all out shakedown ride on my new bike. And what a shakedown ride I gave it. I spent the day covering 108km (67 miles) of road, trails and paths. The only issue was that the seatpost kept slipping. I ended up putting duct tape around […]

First commute on my new bike

Vivente World Randonneur with Bike Bag Dude kit, a photo by andrewgillsag on Flickr. Like a kid on Christmas morning, I jumped out of bed and was ready for work in record time. I loaded my clothes into my Bike Bag Dude bar roll and my lunch into my Oveja Negra seat post bag, which […]

I bought a bike

IMG_20140123_165542, a photo by andrewgillsag on Flickr. I was just going to have a look. I wasn’t going to buy. I was going to check out options for what I wanted to save up for. I had good intentions. And then, I rode the Vivente World Randonneur. I rode it around the shop driveway. Then […]

Esk at Night 300km Audax ride

It’s 2pm and we eight 300km riders and four 100km riders set off on the Brisbane Valley Highway on our respective adventures. One 100km rider has forgotten his shoes, so he’s riding in thongs (I think Americans call them flip flops) with socks. It looks hilarious to see him on his Surly Long Haul Trucker […]

My next bike

I’ve come to see the loss of my Merida TFS100D 29er as a positive because it’s forced me to really think about what I want from a bike. While I was offered a replacement frame for $120, the bike shop ordered the wrong size so I had to send the replacement back. They offered to […]

Dawn at Point O’Halloran

Dawn at Point O’Halloran, a photo by AndrewGills on Flickr. It my first non-commuting pre-work ride for the year. I’ve been pacing myself; making up my monthly mileage by commuting and riding Audax events. But tonight I have my monthly volunteer duties as a Justice of the Peace, signing random documents for members of the […]

Loving being a cycle commuter

Commuter, a photo by AndrewGills on Flickr. I used to be a cycle commuter. That was many years ago. Then I let it slide. I got lazy. I use the guy who tried to pull me off my bike, the guy with the hockey stick, the broken toe when I got doored and the day […]

Wet & Woolly 200km Audax ride

It’s still dark at 4am when I get on my bike. It’s 38km to the start of the Wet & Woolly Audax ride. I don’t have a car and the trains aren’t running yet. But I don’t mind. I’m content on my bike. My pedals are spinning and the world is quiet. It’s perfect. As […]