The colours of my world

I look up from cooking my breakfast to enjoy the sun glinting through the campground. And there it is, the most amazing display of colour as the sun lights up the roots that drape down from a Moreton Bay fig. They turn blood red against the tree’s grey trunk. It’s absolutely stunning. I’ve never seen […]

Jacobs Well

My four nights here at Jacobs Well are proving to be absolutely delightful. The caravan park is peaceful and the amenities clean. The takeaway shops are not too bad with plenty of cheap options for when I don’t feel like cooking. The bottle shop sells the delicious but expensive Swedish ciders I like to drink […]

Sugar cane country

For the next few days, I’m staying in sugar cane country. I like it down here. As a child we lived in a suburb on the other side of the Logan River and every year the cinders from the sugar cane burn off would fall into our pool like black snow flakes. Growing up, my […]

Fully loaded

I feel like I’m really doing it now.  I’m cycle touring. Sure, I don’t leave Brisbane for another 7 weeks. But I have got everything in my panniers and cycled to this week’s camp. And cycling to camp is cycle touring. So what did I learn? That the Vivente WR handles like a dream under […]

Time to relax

The sky is clear and I can see stars twinkly between the tree branches above me. It’s so pretty to be here in the dark with just the muffled sounds of other campers and the continual gurgling of the nearby creek. I’m at the same campground as I was last night (Thunderbird Park, Mt Tamborine, […]

The first night as a nomad

I’m cozy in my tent as thunder rumbles in the distance and rain patters on the nylon. It’s a small but comfortable space. The tent’s interior is just 2.2m (7′ 2 1/2″) long and 80cm (2′ 7 1/2″) wide. Outside the vestible is just 70cm (2′ 3″) wide at it’s apex. By comparison, the house […]

Carnarvon Gorge trip – the final post (23 April 2014)

For our final day at Carnarvon Gorge we retraced our steps back to the national park visitor centre along the Main Gorge Track. I followed my parents walking ahead of me back across the creek crossings and through the cycads. From the Art Gallery we started to see more walkers: older couples who mostly looked […]

Carnarvon Gorge – Battleship Spur walk (22 April)

I wake during the night to the sound of gurgling water from the creek. I’ve been deep in sleep but nature is calling so I crawl out of the tent. I fumble my way down the path a suitable distance from camp when my head torch lights up something massive and white in front of […]

Carnarvon Gorge – Main Gorge Track to Big Bend bush camp

After another gloriously restful sleep in my tent, I was refreshed and ready to lug my heavy pack up the Main Gorge Track to Big Bend bush camp. The trail is only 10km but there are plenty of extra side tracks to extend the walk, which is exactly what we did. As we set off […]

Carnarvon Gorge trip Part 1 – the long drive (17-18 April)

Mum and Dad arrive at 3pm to pick me up from work. I’m ready to go and excited about the days ahead. It’s a long drive to Carnarvon National Park. We estimate 500km (300 miles) but in reality, it ends up being almost 800km (500 miles). It’s a big difference but for now, we’re just […]