Bike Bag Dude

Day 12: Going on a pippi hunt (and cycling on the beach)

Main Beach is on the ocean-side of Minjerribah, some 15km (9.5 miles) from where I am camped. From the Point Lookout Surf Club, the beach stretches out before me as far as my eyes can sea. Stand up paddle boarders are surfing just off the point behind the breakers. I enjoy watching them gently move […]

Back on the bike

Ride2Word, a photo by AndrewGills on Flickr. I’m back on the bike. Both literally and figuratively. I saddled up this morning for a leisurely ride to work. Today I’ll be in the office all day earning enough money for my next adventures. It’s Friday. I think perhaps having half my face go numb was a […]

Ride and picnic at Toohey Forest

My best friend has just come back from Africa and I was excited to catch up with her. But I also wanted to go riding on my new wheels. So what better than to meet up for a picnic. I left home at about 11:30am to ride the 35km to our picnic destination. It was […]

Australia Day ride

What better way to celebrate Australia Day than with an all out shakedown ride on my new bike. And what a shakedown ride I gave it. I spent the day covering 108km (67 miles) of road, trails and paths. The only issue was that the seatpost kept slipping. I ended up putting duct tape around […]

First commute on my new bike

Vivente World Randonneur with Bike Bag Dude kit, a photo by andrewgillsag on Flickr. Like a kid on Christmas morning, I jumped out of bed and was ready for work in record time. I loaded my clothes into my Bike Bag Dude bar roll and my lunch into my Oveja Negra seat post bag, which […]

Gympie to Redlands 300km microadventure

“Why would you want to do that?” “Because it’s there.” And so the Brisbane to Redlands 300km Microadventure was born. Steve and I would leave his place at 7am and cycle 45km into the city to catch the 9:33am train to Gympie. The train was due to arrive in Gympie at 12:40pm so we planned […]