Adventure racing

Geoquest – A support crew perspective

While I have stopped entering adventure races, my sister is still actively involved in the sport so I was excited to travel the 600km (370 miles) to Crescent Head to support her team in the Geoquest (Half) 48 hour adventure race. While I was there, I added my name to the volunteer register to help […]

Rest day reflections

What a year 2013 was for me! Here’s a brief review of the highlights: January I started the year on 1 January by riding the 11 of Eleven Audax ride. It was my first Audax event and I went away totally hooked. On 12 January, I went on to complete my first 200km bicycle ride […]

Bayview Bash adventure race training day

Bayview Bash adventure race training day

It was my sister’s fault. She was the one who suggested this madness. One day in August, as we were out riding in the bush, she suggested that we invite our adventure racing friends around to explore our part of the world. In no time, this turned into a decision to hold a proper adventure […]

Riding after the rain

Riding after the rain, a photo by andrewgillsag on Flickr. It bucketed down this morning. We’re not talking nice pretty grey skies with drizzle. No. We had heavy icy cold rain that made going outdoors an ugly thought. So, after taking my motorbike out to check out new road bikes at some local bike shops, […]

Route setting

Bikes in bush, a photo by andrewgillsag on Flickr. With the air so thick that it was like breathing sea water, we set off to into the bush on our mountain bikes to hang flags for next weekend’s adventure race training day. It’s been raining heavily most nights so everything was lush and green; a […]

Dawn Attack 12 hr adventure race

Dawn Attack 12 hr adventure race

We haven’t raced together since May so it was exciting to head up to the Sunshine Coast for the 12 hour Dawn Attack adventure race. While the race was more multisport than adventure race (with about 40% of the bike/trek legs on roads, all be it gravel roads), it was a fun event that allowed […]

Route setting

We finally got some rain to settle the dust, a photo by andrewgillsag on Flickr. We’ve created our topographic track maps. We have identified our transition areas. We know where we’re sending our friends to do their trekking and biking. We’ve decided on where we’re going to put the checkpoints. This morning we finally started […]

A swamp monster?

A swamp monster?, a photo by andrewgillsag on Flickr. I don’t know about you, but I just love swamps. They are so eerie and gross. Fortunately, here in Brisbane we don’t have crocodiles or alligators in our swamps; my feelings about these wet muddy locations might change if we did. This morning my sister and […]

More route setting

Vegemite trail, Bayview Conservation Park, a photo by andrewgillsag on Flickr. It was beautiful outdoors this morning. A light fog hung low around the trees and birdsong rung out through the bush. It was no hardship to pull on my running shoes and hit the trails. I wanted to do some more work on the […]