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A long time between posts

It’s been 4.5 years since my last post on this blog. Life has changed beyond comprehension in that time. I’ve travelled the world, changed careers, married someone incredible, bought a new house and learned a different way of being in tbe world. But there is one thing from my old life that I am missing: the thrill of fitness and physical challenges. I’m ready to tackle that again a few times per year in a way that balances nicely with my husband and my life of travel.

In October I swam in the Burleigh Ocean Swim. It was brilliant. At 2km it was my longest continuous swim and I made it. A few weeks later I smashed out 5km in the pool at the MS Swimathon. I swam nonstop and totally surprised myself.

So I’ve set myself two goals for 2019. I am swimming the 3km and 5km ocean swim double at the Noosa Summer Swim on 2 & 3 February. Then on 27-28 July, I will be running The Guzzler 100km trail ultra here in my home city of Brisbane.

I’ve been swimming solidly for six months. It’s time to add in the running. Thankfully, we have Boxing Day sales today so I can buy some running shoes and mandatory kit for The Guzzler.

I’m using this old blog to share my journey to these events.

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