Looking for 42

I’ve decided to give my new life a new theme and branding. I have gone with Looking For 42 as a reference to the ongoing search for the meaning of life. To celebrate this fresh start, I have gone for a whole new social media identity:



Twitter@AndrewGills (LookingFor42)


Feel free to follow me on my new and improved social media outlets. This blog will remain active and linked to the new one but I will no longer be updating it.

7 comments on “Looking for 42

  1. Heard through a friend you were exploring the globe. Am really happy for you that your time has come to embark on an incredible life changing journey..
    The journey is what brings us happiness not the destination…

    • Hey there 🙂 It’s been many years. Yes, my time has definitely come. It’s been a long road but I’m a much different man than the boy you last spoke with. I agree about journeys v destinations; the goal oriented boy you once knew is now a man who stops to smell the flowers. I hope that life has been good to you and that you are enjoying peace, love and mungbeans 🙂 .

  2. :):):):) .. Life is good. So far from the old life. Lots of cycling and travelling for me too. Plenty of peace and mungbeans as well.
    Your blog is a great read… Wish I was motivated enough to keep a travel log…maybe one day.

    • I am happy to hear that you have plenty of peace and mungbeans. Not sure whether the love was left out on purpose – if so, sorry to hear that.

      Are the cycling and traveling occurring at the same time? Do you still have the farm up the coast? (my email is andrewgills.ag@gmail.com if you want to say hi less publicly – no obligation or pressure though – I fully understand if you want to keep a distance).

      Thanks for the kind words on my blog. This one is my old one. There is another one that goes back to December 2011 that has the same name and my new one is over at Looking442.wordpress.com . Writing and story-telling are passions for me (along with travel and food) so it doesn’t take much motivation to keep a blog. You are probably more a social story-teller but if you do ever write stories about your travels, let me know. I like to read about peoples’ travels.

      I once promised I’d tell you if I was ever successful. While I’ve had loads of career and financial success over the past 6-7 years, I never felt successful. I even made it to PO5 at Strategic Policy (that was my dream job when we last spoke) but it wasn’t what I wanted. But now I have slowed down, work 19 hours a week writing online training courses and carry everything I own on my bicycle (except my motorbike and a small shelf of spare clothes and photos at my parents’ house). And, you know what – I am finally happy and successful in my life at a time when I’m homeless (by choice) and earn less than I did when I was an AO2 🙂

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