Returning to Minjerribah

 photo IMG_20140611_101016_zpsz53ev83v.jpg
After a week off the bike, it was fantastic to load up the Vivente World Randonneur and hit the road. The time on the mainland after my return from Crescent Head was fantastic because it gave me a chance to better organise myself. I had too much gear and quite a lot of the wrong gear with me, especially in the way of clothes. So I spent some money at a couple of outdoor stores that had fantastic sales and now have a much more streamlined, lightweight and practical wardrobe. Hopefully it is also one that will keep me warm and dry as I explore the southern states of Australia in winter.
 photo IMG_20140611_105322_zpsvfzp5o3v.jpg
I changed the way I loaded the bike too. My food, kitchen gear and soft shell are now in the front panniers. My tent, fishing rod, paddles, suncream and hat are all packed in or on the front bar roll. My sleeping pad, sleeping bag, pillow, clothes, laptop, reading book, lights and charger are in the rear panniers. My PFD and running pack are on the rear rack under a big dry bag containing packraft, tools, running shoes, flip flops, picnic blanket and spare dry bags. I have a weighing hook for fishing that I am using to balance the bike – it is absolutely invaluable.
 photo IMG_20140611_133630_zps3cmxkqow.jpg
Once back on the island I settled into a relaxed rhythm, stopping at Myora Springs for some lunch. It’s a beautiful place where a freshwater creek flows out towards the bay. I felt so settled there looking down at water that was so clear you almost couldn’t perceive it with your eyes.
 photo IMG_20140611_133323_zpsodbbaczs.jpg
An ancient Moreton Bay fig grows here near the springs. Moreton Bay figs grow when a bird drops a seed among the branches of an existing tree. The seed sprouts and the fig slowly grows air roots down to the ground, strangling the original tree in the process. There is almost nothing left of the original tree around which this fig grew.
 photo IMG_20140611_133731_zpseqagapje.jpg
I arrived back at Amity Point shortly after 1pm. It feels good to be back in a place where the pace of life is slow. I set up my tent and settled in to work for a few hours overlooking the bay. It’s qiuet in the campground, which is just the way I like it.

2 comments on “Returning to Minjerribah

  1. Wow, your bike looks quite heavy. Although I imagine it is because of all the sport equipment – and it is pretty cool to have a packraft with you ^^
    I hope the bike feels good to ride once you have momemtum 🙂

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