Days 10-11 – On friendship

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One of the challenges of setting off on my new life of adventure will be leaving my friends. I don’t have a big tribe of friends who I catch up with frequently. Rather, I have a few close friends who I like to spend one-on-one time with when the opportunity arises – however infrequent that opportunity is. Over the past few weeks I have been taking time to catch up with my friends as it might be some time before we can have a yarn again.

Yesterday, I went over to the mainland to celebrate a high school friend’s daughter’s first birthday. I don’t usually do children’s birthday parties but I definitely couldn’t miss a chance to catch up with my friend or her family. She’s someone who is like family to me – accepting me unconditionally since I was an emotionally challenged, insecure and spotty-faced teenager. It was wonderful to spend a few hours together and worth every minute of the 6 hour return trip from my campsite.

My best friend since childhood met me at the ferry to stay at my camp overnight. After 30 years of friendship, she and I know each other far too well so it was a very late night by the time the yarns stopped. Fortunately, my new tent is big enough for two people to sit in as it was a bit cool outside by almost midnight. So we could stay up yacking a bit longer. This morning we walked out along the beach for a while, soaking in the sunshine and feeling the cold water splash across our feet. We didn’t quite manage to find a solution for the economy, environment or world peace, but we sure gave it our best shot. Well, actually, mostly we just talked rubbish and enjoyed the sunshine so perhaps we didn’t quite try hard enough to resolve all those global issues πŸ˜‰ .

I am excited to be leaving as I know I will be meeting up with friends interstate and overseas, and that I will make new friends along the way. But it is still really important to me to take the time to say goodbye for now to people who are important in my life.

9 comments on “Days 10-11 – On friendship

  1. Awesome way to spend the day!

    • Yeah it was Sandra. πŸ™‚ Had a lovely day. And even got 99% of a uni assignment done last night too. Due today so better write the intro and conclusion so I can submit it (no, I don’t write drafts … life’s too short and somehow I still get good grades … naughty student that I am)

  2. And I see you’re doing the Camino de Santiago . . . jealous. πŸ™‚

  3. [http://elbuenoelfeo.wordpress.com/ — if you don’t know this blog, it’d be a great thing to peek at before you head to Spain!]

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