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Day 9 – Sometimes size does matter

 photo IMG_20140531_085845_zps1bdreh8m.jpg

This little Mont Moondance 1 has been my home most of the time since I left for Carnarvon Gorge at Easter. It has been a fantastic shelter for many adventures over the past couple of years, including my Great North Walk epic. But this week I have come to the realisation that it will be far too small and cramped for this adventure.

 photo IMG_20140531_085257_zpsnlwcjpdi.jpg

So I spent Day 9 out shopping for a new home. And I ended up returning to camp with a brand new MSR Hubba Hubba NX.

 photo IMG_20140531_085640_zps0qz5ondt.jpg

I now have a palatial mansion to live in. It has three usable rooms: this is entrance and kitchen. I keep my cooking gear and food in two pannier bags, which live here at the entrance to my home. This is also where I can leave my shoes, mosquito coils, candle and, when necessary, water container.

 photo IMG_20140531_085441_zpsmqwjenj4.jpg

This is my bedroom. It’s massive and has allowed me to take my gear out of the dry bags and lay it out for ease of access. I have a couple of books next to my pillow, my daypack in easy reach of the door and my clothes down near my feet. There are pockets at each end of the tent and I am using them to store things like wallet, bathroom keys, medications and head torch.

 photo IMG_20140531_085547_zpsphfgqddj.jpg

And this is my garage. It’s the second vestibule on the second tent entry. It’s where I am keeping my cycling, fishing and packrafting gear, and also empty bike bags.

I do also have a picnic blanket that I will leave at the entrance to my tent to reduce the sand being walked in. But the blanket is on the washing line drying because I decided it was getting a bit grotty. Just because I live in a tent doesn’t mean I have to go feral if I have the option of using hot water and a laundry tub.

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