Day 8 – Sea creatures of Amity Point

Mum, my aunt and I spent most of they day relaxing in the sun enjoying the quiet bayside atmosphere. We spotted some koalas and kangaroos, and listened to the birds making their various songs. It was good to just chill at camp for a day: I even got some work done.

 photo IMG_20140529_144416_zpsihihtxi8.jpg

But the real excitement of the day was our afternoon walk to check out the soldier crabs marching across the tidal sandbar. There were thousands of them stretched out in platoons as far as the eye could see.

 photo IMG_20140529_150423_zpsb8cflvgw.jpg

As they felt our footsteps moving towards them, they scurried away with their funny little crab runs before burrowing into the sand for safety leaving nothing but lots of little balls of sand behind on the surface. I always want to pick the balls up like grey jewels but, of course, they just break up in my hands.

 photo IMG_20140529_150027_zpslp8ckoxi.jpg

The soldier crabs come in all sizes. This is a particularly large and handsome example. He is a bit upset because Mum and I stopped him from his escape so I could take this photo. He was momentarily stunned when we stopped him so I grabbed a quick shot before leaving him to his own devices.

 photo IMG_20140529_163834_zps9hhzqy6x.jpg

The dolphins came to visit at the jetty just five minutes after Mum and my aunt left to return to the mainland. There were three of them playing in the shallow water waiting for the fisherman to drop a catch. No one did but the dolphins still just hung out watching us watching them. I can honestly say that watching the dolphins is a hundred times more enjoyable than watching television.

 photo IMG_20140529_165637_zpsz1glrh4f.jpg

I don’t know whethe you can see it in this photo but there was also a wobbegong shark swimming around under the jetty. These gentle creatures have the misfortune of being in the same species as the scary large-toothed Jaws. But they are not an aggressive shark, preferring to just swim around eating whatever they eat from the bottom of the sea.

4 comments on “Day 8 – Sea creatures of Amity Point

  1. WoW! Beautiful! I have to admit that the crabs would have freaked me out a bit. THey look like hard=shelled spiders (and I don’t do well with spiders)

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