Days 5-7: More Minjerribah musings

My best Karate Kid pose photo IMG_20140528_154137_zpsspjks6rc.jpg

I think I am one of the luckiest men alive. I wake before the sun, do a few hours work, cook and eat breakfast with a fantastic view over the bay, do a bit more work out in the sunshine before I enjoy a few hours exploring more of what Minjerribah has to offer.

Fishing days photo IMG_20140527_142107_zps9itp2vnv.jpg

I’ve taken up fishing; a hobby I never thought I’d have the patience to enjoy. But just this small period of change has made such a huge impact on my life. I find my heart isn’t racing and my mind isn’t demanding I rush. Instead, I found myself standing in the water for a few hours throwing my line in without success but with total joy.

1980s Blue photo IMG_20140527_154641_zpsxwmrkkrd.jpg

I did manage to catch one small fish. It was back swimming in the sea again after I took a photo to prove that I actually can catch the odd fish. I think it’s the first fish I’ve caught since childhood so I am pretty proud of myself. Now I just need to catch something of legal size so I can cook it on the barbie. I do like the 1980s blue eye shadow this fish is wearing though.

Clear waters photo IMG_20140528_115016_zpsvvbfukhs.jpg

Mum and my aunt from Portugal came over to the island last night. They are staying for a couple of days. It’s super cool to have visitors to my new home (my home being anywhere I pitch my tent, not necessarily the island itself). We hung out chatting and eating way too much last night. My aunt loves to take photos of birds, which is fantastic because there are many here.

Mother Nature's window photo IMG_20140528_120717_zpsrhjer2wl.jpg

Today we caught a bus out to Point Lookout where we enjoyed a short walk to check out the headland. The water is so clear that we could see the sandy bottom. We spotted some turtles and even maybe some wales (I think they were wales slapping their tales but can’t confirm). It was absolutely magnificent to chill out taking in the views, walking on the beach and just generally hanging out.

Pandanus days photo IMG_20140528_121708_zpsg8hvp93z.jpg

Not only was I engrossed by the sea but I also enjoyed the shapes of the pandanus palms that grew in abundance. I like the contrast between their round trunks, tubular air-roots and sharp pointy leaves. It’s almost like they have royal crowns.

Happiness in a flower photo IMG_20140528_125740_zpsxwojurv6.jpg

All in all, I would say that I am feeling as happy as this flower looks.

2 comments on “Days 5-7: More Minjerribah musings

  1. I think you are one of the luckiest man alive too.
    So far, all your post about the island are filled with joy and beauty. It’s always refreshing to read about the simple life you live.

    • Oh yes. I am definitely all for positive joyful beautiful experiences. I’m not into hardship. I can do it because it’s a part of life but I try not to dwell on it.

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