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Day 4 – Settling into island life

I enjoyed a quiet island morning fishing off the Amity Point jetty (no, I didn’t catch anything). I’m not a fisherman by any stretch of the imagination, having never had much patience for the waiting game. Perhaps it is my new lifestyle but I found it quite pleasant jigging for squid this morning. Sure, I didn’t catch anything but there was something lovely about listening to the water lapping at the jetty’s posts and casting the line out into the sea.

Colours of Quandamooka Country photo IMG_20140525_092927_zpsulpblrsk.jpg

After a breakfast of leftovers I set off on my bicycle to catch the ferry back to the mainland. My aunt from Portugal arrived yesterday to visit my mum so our family had a lunch organised at the pub. I gave myself plenty of time to enjoy my 16km (10 mile) pedal down the island and to take in the various landscapes I passed through. There are grassy swamps boasting paperbarks, dry ridges where stumpy gum trees grow, and slopes that are covered with banksias and grass trees. The diversity of flora is stunning.

Best pub on the bay? photo 20140525_131607_zpsmt24f4ut.jpg

The “Reddy” Bay pub was packed with families enjoying the warm autumn sunshine, live music and good food. We joined the throng and ate seafood meals.

Parking with a view photo 20140525_131536_zpsconfq9cn.jpg

I think it’s almost impossible not to be taken in by the views over the bay here either. From our table we could see the white triangles of yachts under sail, the slow blue barges transporting cars to and from the Southern Moreton Bay Islands and tinnies in which small groups of mates were probably fishing.

Back to the island photo IMG_20140525_153450_zpsvnwuaatf.jpg

I thoroughly enjoyed catching up with my family and seeing my aunt for the first time in years. But the experience of returning to the mainland so soon after I have arrived on the island is quite jarring so I was happy to get back on the ferry to return. Tomorrow I need to head across again for a work function (I organised an in-house National Reconciliation Week lunch for our office so really should head back for that) but then I hope to stay here on the island for the rest of the week.

Watching nature's show photo IMG_20140525_165515_zpsppnebgke.jpg

I arrived back at Amity Point after cycling about 60km (40 miles) for the day just as the sun was about to set. A few small groups of people had set up to picnic in the park to enjoy nature’s show. I bought an ice cream then lay on the grass to experience the magic.

The golden hour photo IMG_20140525_172326_zpsfvsp4b4z.jpg

As is usual here in the sub-tropics, within 15 minute the sun was gone and darkness started to fall. Families fished off the jetty, their quiet conversation and laughter humming across the water as small waves broke and fisherman towed their boats out of the water at the boat ramp. The swimming enclosure was empty as stars started to appear and night set in.

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