Last day in the office

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Today is the day: my final day in the office. It’s only 11am but I have already packed my remaining personal possessions into a little pile to take home and have organised for my alter-ego to be ensconced happily at my desk (though I have moved his so I can write this post and do a little work this afternoon). It is such a surreal feeling. I have been reading nomads’ books and blogs for a long time but never actually imagined that I’d be joining them. Actually, had someone told me on 1 February that I would be a nomad by the end of May I would have laughed in their faces.

I will miss my colleagues. They are a great bunch of people. We will keep in touch by telephone, email and Skype as I am continuing to work part-time for the same company I work for now. But I will miss the way people smile when someone brings in cake to share, “share lunches” where our company buys us pizzas or fried chicken or fish & chips, whipping up crepes with Nutella for everyone at morning tea, and the Monday morning conversations about our weekends. After today I will quickly become “the guy who used to sit in that office”. This is a normal part of life – I’ve left offices many times before. But there’s always been another office to go to … not this time.

I keep pinching myself because I really can’t believe this is actually happening – I am going on an adventure and it starts tomorrow!

2 comments on “Last day in the office

  1. That must have been really exciting leaving the office for the last time knowing there was no other offices to go to.

    Good luck with your adventure! I hope it starts well πŸ™‚

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