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A cute mascot for my trip

Mascot on my motorbike

Mascot on my motorbike

I have a little mascot for my trip. Something to take pictures of in scenic or crazy settings. Something with a link to people who support me. Something to help me focus when the going gets tough. Something to remind me to Squeeze, Stretch, Trigger and Move my muscles every day; particularly when they are sore or tight. Something that’s just a little bit cute and unique.

My mascot is a trigger ball / bouncy ball with a penguin in it. My physio and friend, Paul from Body Leadership Australia gave it to me last night when I went in for a pre-trip massage. I like things like this: cute childish toys that make me smile. Paul has always supported my crazy schemes. He was the first to encourage me when I decided to attempt my first ultra marathon, when I decided to  run the City to Surf Marathon in Perth and when I set off to hike The Great North Walk. But it was his unwavering support and advice when I completed my month of cycling 100km every day that meant the most to me because he never doubted my ability to achieve what I believed to be impossible. Paul’s listened to my crazy dreams and was there in December 2012 when injury sent me into a deep and desperate depression. And never once has he stopped making me laugh or let me dwell on self-pity. Instead, he patches me up, gives me great advice about how to look after my body, and sends me off to my next adventure full of confidence and self-belief. And this next adventure is no different. I know so much more about my body and it’s limits (I push them less these days), I know that Paul is just a phone call away if something does go wrong, and I know where to get a good physio massage when I am back in Brisbane.

But mostly, I can’t wait to take pics of my little penguin ball as I travel the world. It will be really quite cool to know that someone will get a laugh out of seeing it exploring the world with me.

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