The colours of my world

Moreton Bay fig at dawn photo IMG_20140506_062509-Copy_zps50888284.jpg

I look up from cooking my breakfast to enjoy the sun glinting through the campground. And there it is, the most amazing display of colour as the sun lights up the roots that drape down from a Moreton Bay fig. They turn blood red against the tree’s grey trunk. It’s absolutely stunning. I’ve never seen anything like it. The roots are actually the same colour as the tree’s trunk but the sun has changed them. Existential philosophy anyone?

Farmer's rows photo IMG_20140506_071355-Copy_zps3a4783f5.jpg

Breakfast finished I set off on my bicycle to ride to work. I’m only 30km from my office where the 30km of traffic jams that will frustrate morning commuters heading to the city start. But as I ride I am taken by this protected pocket of rural life where life is probably dictated by the seasons. Between the fields of sugar cane are rows and rows of beans that might have been grown as green manure. I like the way the brown and green rows meet the expansive blue sky.

These are just some of the colours of my world.

2 comments on “The colours of my world

  1. Beautiful post and stunning photos!

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