Jacobs Well

My four nights here at Jacobs Well are proving to be absolutely delightful. The caravan park is peaceful and the amenities clean. The takeaway shops are not too bad with plenty of cheap options for when I don’t feel like cooking. The bottle shop sells the delicious but expensive Swedish ciders I like to drink once or twice a week (I only drink one because they retail for $8 a bottle here in Australia).

Oh, and did I mention how amazing the dawn is over the water? That’s really my favourite part of staying here and why I’m on this adventure in the first place.

 photo IMG_20140505_060438_zps27011053.jpg

 photo IMG_20140505_060026_zpsc1e8d019.jpg

A new day dawns photo IMG_20140504_054544_zpsglarnxoc.jpg

3 comments on “Jacobs Well

    • That’s what I thought too when I got up in the morning. Living outdoors without television is making me really notice the small beautiful things about the world even more. Probably because they are totally surrounding me now … there are no walls to keep the moon, stars and dawn out of my every waking moment.

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