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Sugar cane country

For the next few days, I’m staying in sugar cane country. I like it down here. As a child we lived in a suburb on the other side of the Logan River and every year the cinders from the sugar cane burn off would fall into our pool like black snow flakes. Growing up, my family would drive here to the jetty to launch first our caper catamaran and then our trailer sailer. As a teenager, I used to come down to these quiet roads to train. As an Audax cyclist I’ve completed two rides through these same fields. And now, I am staying here as I start this new chapter in my life.

This is sugar cane country:

Sugar cane fields photo IMG_20140503_141139_zpspsbv0vsz.jpg

Derelict farm building photo IMG_20140503_143058_zpseosa7wat.jpg

 photo IMG_20140504_065950_zps3989ae0d.jpg

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