Fully loaded


I feel like I’m really doing it now.  I’m cycle touring. Sure, I don’t leave Brisbane for another 7 weeks. But I have got everything in my panniers and cycled to this week’s camp. And cycling to camp is cycle touring.

So what did I learn? That the Vivente WR handles like a dream under load. One those big 700c wheels started rolling I didn’t even notice the load. No, really, I didn’t. The Ortlieb panniers are super easy to use and take a truck load of gear compared with my old Blackburns. Cavernous would not be an exaggeration.  I need to buy a big rack pack because I am not a minimalist and will never fit everything into four panniers (I like to eat well and have warm clothes). It’s not that easy to find places to park the bike and it would be heavy to get it up off the ground.

I loved every minute of my short 32km (20mile) ride. I had tail winds (yay), cross winds (not so yay) and gusting head winds so got to try the set up properly.  The biggest thing I noticed was that I mentally relaxed to watch the scenery.  I stopped to take photos. I sat on the grass overlooking the sugar cane fields to eat lunch. And I didn’t care about the time.

3 comments on “Fully loaded

  1. Looking good Andrew! You certainly seem ready now

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