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Time to relax

Time to relax photo IMG_20140501_194919_zps7617a7bd.jpg

The sky is clear and I can see stars twinkly between the tree branches above me. It’s so pretty to be here in the dark with just the muffled sounds of other campers and the continual gurgling of the nearby creek. I’m at the same campground as I was last night (Thunderbird Park, Mt Tamborine, Queensland, Australia). I contently mutter “home sweet home” as I fumble around in the dark looking for my candle and the all important bottle of cider that I bought.

After cracking my cider and watching the glow of the candle for a few minutes I unload the 15kg (33lbs) bag of firewood from my motorbike and set about lighting it. Half an hour passes before I get a good little fire going; the small amount of wet kindling I found made life a little challenging but persistence paid off. I pass the night cooking a lamb and pasta stew, watching the fire and reading some online blogs before retiring to my tent at a rather late hour.

This morning’s rain wasn’t so much fun but, meh, I’m not the Wicked Witch of the West so I won’t melt 😉

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