Closing of a chapter and start of an adventure

The old house settled today. The new owners have the keys, the bank has been paid what we owed them and the balance has been deposited into our respective separate bank accounts. It’s a big day because it signals the final closing of a big chapter of my life and another step on the start of this big adventure I have decided to take.

I’ve been sleeping in my sister’s spare room the past few nights but hope to be heading off to a mountain campground tonight. It just depends on whether the motorbike shop can get my bike repaired (it very inconveniently started leaking fuel the day before yesterday). If they can’t get it done I might sleep on my son’s couch and head up to the mountains tomorrow night instead. While the mountain camp is only 33km (20 miles) from my work, I am concerned that the road up there is too dangerous to cycle at dawn and dusk when people are trying to rush off to their jobs in the city. I am not someone who is scared to ride on the road, but I don’t want to take unnecessary risks either.

So that’s an update on where I’m at in this transition phase between living a conventional life and becoming a nomad.


5 comments on “Closing of a chapter and start of an adventure

  1. Wow. It seems like you’re at an exciting turning point in your life. Best of luck to you and happy travels!

    • Oh yes. Definitely an exciting turning point. It wasn’t an easy decision and certainly wasn’t without heartbreak and pain. But I am ready for the future now and for finding a new way of living. I will be camping and couch surfing in various places within an hour of my work for two months before I leave on my bike. That will give me time to iron out the little things (like buying a small tarp to place under my tent – I’ve never used a ground sheet before but think I will be grateful for it when camping is a daily experience)

  2. Wow. big changes. good luck, my friend. good luck. And safe travels.

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