The Tree Top Walk

Up in the trees photo IMG_20140425_083435_zps208eca55.jpg

The bridge sways under my feet as my nephews and niece walk along it. I’ve come up to O’Reilly for breakfast with my sister and her husband. But before we eat, we take a short wander down the Tree Top Walk. I’ve never been a fan of suspension bridges or heights but am not going to let that on to my little nephews and niece who seem more than happy running down the swaying bridge. And it is fun to be high off the ground among the rainforest’s branches, rather than down at ground level, even if it is disconcerting to see the posts holding the bridge swaying around.

There’s a tree you can climb with a viewing platform 30m (100 feet) high. My youngest nephew begs to be allowed to climb it. He’s only 6 years old. As I watch Masters 6 and 8, and Miss 4 climbing up the ladder with their parents, I realise that I’ve never dared go check out the view. What sort of adventurer am I? (haha). Master 9 is more like me and he wavers at the bottom of the ladder. Eventually, we too go up to check out the view. I mean, Uncle Andrew needs to set a good example to Master 9.

The walk is only about 500m long with 200m being on the suspension bridges. Despite its brevity, the walk is lovely.

3 comments on “The Tree Top Walk

  1. What a great photograph, and a wonderful post! 🙂

  2. Well done for tackling a fear 🙂

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