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Carnarvon Gorge trip – the final post (23 April 2014)

 photo IMG_20140423_140940_zps8f459101.jpg

For our final day at Carnarvon Gorge we retraced our steps back to the national park visitor centre along the Main Gorge Track. I followed my parents walking ahead of me back across the creek crossings and through the cycads. From the Art Gallery we started to see more walkers: older couples who mostly looked like country folk and families with young pre-school children. Friendly “hellos” were shared as we all enjoyed our respective meanderings up the gorge.

By day’s end we were camped at the Big Rig campground in Roma, about 240km from the gorge. Wehad a celebratory dinner at the pub while we watched the locals go about their nights. I can’t imagine there’s much else to do in Roma when you’re not on shift at one of the many local mines or gas projects other than get drunk and gamble (the pub’s walls were lined with televisions playing sport and it had 38 pokie machines).

Later this afternoon we’ll be at my parents’ house unpacking and washing our things. Tomorrow (Friday 25 April), I am off to Crows Nest to volunteer as a helper at a 24 hour adventure race. It should be a fun and social weekend. But more on that later. For now, Iwill just enjoy the long drive home in the back seat of my parents’ car.

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