A waterfront ride

Morning at Point O'Halloran

Morning at Point O’Halloran

I woke early and found myself  with nothing to get done before work for the first time since I returned from Kenya five weeks ago. So I put some work clothes in my Bike Bag Dude handlebar roll and my lunch into the seat post bag I have mounted on my rear rack and set off. I cruised slowly down to Victoria Point and rode along the shared waterfront pathway to Point O’Halloran. Bad weather must be forecast because there were more yachts than usual at anchor in the protected bay behind Coochiemudlo Island. You wouldn’t know it though from the way the sun was glittering off the water.

It felt good to be out riding. I ended up doing about 40km in just under 2 hours. There was a time when that would have disappointed me because I used to ride for training. But today it felt good to ride at a leisurely pace and let the rhythm of my pedaling relax my mind.

4 comments on “A waterfront ride

  1. Good to read a blog again.

  2. Celebrate the easy rides, like the easy runs, and celebrate being alive and active. I’m sure you’re happy to have a free day at last!

    • Thanks Angela. Yeah, I will celebrate the easy rides. I am going hiking for 6 days with my parents from Easter. I am very much looking forward to it. We’re driving about 350 miles to get to our hiking destination on Thursday night and Friday morning. It will be really good to get out in nature again.

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