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More Africa trip pondering

I’ve spent the day alternating between working in the garden for a couple of hours and watching an episode of Long Way Down. I’ve seen the series a few times already and read the book. It inspired me enough to work hard to get the garden cleaned up to sell the house so I am free to leave on my adventure.

It also got me wondering about some things I noticed:

I realised why I am going on a small bike

Why would anyone choose to ride a huge 1200cc motorbike when they seem so heavy and ungainly? That’s not criticism or big v small bike. I’m open to explanation as to why a person might choose such a big heavy bike. I have toured on a Honda CBF250 bike and loved it. I currently have a Suzuki GS500 and, to be honest, while I like the 500cc bike on the highway, I prefer the 250cc bike for touring. I’ll be taking a 125cc bike through Africa, partly due to the cheaper purchase price and partly due to my not being able to touch the ground on a 250cc dirt bike.

Can I ride Cape Town to Norway?

That the Australian government’s travel advisory website uses an overly cautious language structure and limited information when compared with the UK government’s travel advisory website. For example, the Australian government recommends that you “reconsider your need to travel” to Ethiopia while the UK government website says that “Around 20,000 British nationals visit Ethiopia every year. Most visits are trouble free.” It contains much more specific information about the areas it considers risky and shows them on a map while the Australian government website uses public service language that seems to be aimed not at helping the general public but at scaring them.

After reading the UK government travel advisory website I’m now considering a route from Cape Town to Norway. From Kenya I would probably travel through Ethiopia and Sudan then catch a ferry across the Red Sea to Saudi Arabia (the ferry is currently running but who knows by the time I get there) then another ferry from Saudi to Iran from where I could cross into Turkey and on to Europe. I think it would be so rad to ride all the way to Norway.

Why did the Long Way Down team carry so many prepackaged meals?

I am just curious what they thought people in Africa ate? Because they carried all those pre-packaged meals. Or was it because their time schedule was so tight they didn’t think they’d have time to stop at the little shops along the way that sell stuff like flour, eggs, fruit and fat?

I’ve got to do some specific training to be able to throw a motorbike around in the sand

I’ve downloaded an adventure rider motorbike program from the internet and have emailed a 24 hour gym near my work for information about membership and customising it. I’ve got 7 months to go so Monday seems like a good time to start the new training program.

Tomorrow I’ll ponder this some more as I do some more work in the garden. But for now, I’m going to grab the guide books for Botswana and Namibia to take some notes about what I think I’ll want to see in those two countries. I feel even more excited about the trip now that there’s a possibility to continue into Europe. It might not pan out but I hope so.


One comment on “More Africa trip pondering

  1. Glad your plans are coming together!

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