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The importance of research

Honda XR125L (image from Honda South Africa website)

Honda XR125L (image from Honda South Africa website)

I got creative in my research today. After comparing cheap Chinese bikes in Kenya, I checked out some information about motorbikes being sold in South Africa. While I hadn’t originally planned to visit that country, my research found that the motorcycle market in South Africa is more favourable than it is in Kenya.

For example, I can buy a Honda XR125L for R16,990 (or about AU$1,800 / US$1,600).  Compare this to the price of the equivalent Chinese bike in Kenya (Sh120,000 or about AU$1,600 / US$1,400). Given that flights to Johannesberg are currently $500 cheaper than flights to Nairobi I will save money and have a more reliable set of wheels.

My first bike was a 1983 Honda XR250 (I bought it in 1997) and my favourite of the four bikes I’ve owned was a 2006 Honda CBF250 (I bought it new). So it stands to reason that I would change my plans in order to buy another bike from that same stable.

I know it’s still months until I leave but I want to use the time I have to create the best adventure possible. And this little change will pay dividends on  my trip (and will save me taking a motorbike mechanics course because Hondas are so reliable).


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