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Scheming and planning

Researching bikes (Image from Spectrum Bikes Nairobi website)

Researching bikes (Image from Spectrum Bikes Nairobi website)

Scheming and planning for my motorbike adventure through southern Africa is well underway. After Rosemary (of Rosemary’s Guesthouse fame) made some enquiries for me about the price of the Yamaha DT175 and Yamaha AG200 (both almost twice as expensive in Kenya as in Australia), I have decided to go with a cheap Chinese bike instead. See, I don’t see much value in paying $9,000 for a motorbike when I can buy something for $1,200 + VAT (the Shineray 150GY). Sure, it’s cheap and that comes with risks. But the bikes are simple so I am sure that even I will be able to learn how to fix them if something goes wrong.

I’ve been reading plenty of Lonely Planet books, blogs and Colette Coleman’s Great Motorcycle Journeys of the World . I now have a long list of places I want to experience in each country between Kenya and Namibia. And, as fortune would have it, each country is developing a bit of a theme:

  • Kenya – bush scenery
  • Tanzania – trekking
  • Mozambique – coastal scenery
  • Malawi – Lake Malawi (of course)
  • Zambia – possible volunteering at a project that looks very cool
  • Botswana – wet season mud
  • Namibia – deserts.

Looks like a really great cross-section of Africa. And yes, I’m very excited at the prospect. Next month I’ll go to my favourite map shop, Coast Maps and Charts,  to buy some road maps (they have a good selection of road maps for Africa available).

I have to satisfy myself with research for the next couple of weeks while I work hard to prepare our house for sale. It’s not leaving any time for adventuring but I’ll be out there soon enough.

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